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Best Exciting Trampoline Games

A trampoline is your backyard is enough to keep your kids engaged for hours. When you buy a new trampoline, your children will enjoy simply jumping on it for long time. However, it becomes a bit of boring after several days. If you also think that simply jumping on a trampoline is no longer an interesting activity then we have something exciting for you i.e. trampoline games.

3 Exciting Trampoline Games

In past few years, so many trampoline games are invented. These games will keep the children motivated while playing on trampoline. In addition, the trampoline games also provide some physical health benefits in long term. Here we provide the most amazing trampoline games to pass time and add more fun into your kids' life.

#1. Ring Around The Rosy

In this trampoline game, all the players form a circle with holding hands. Thereafter, the players will take turn and decide how they want to fall on the trampoline. The falling position can be as sitting, on the back, knee dropping or any other way they decide. All players walk around in circle while chanting as Ring around the rosy, pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, we all fall down. Finally, each and every player will fall on the trampoline jumping mat at the same time.

#2. Hot Potato

The Hot Potato is an interesting trampoline game to play when there are more than four kids. In this game, one kid stays out of the trampoline with holding a soft ball in his hand. All other players are required to stay on the trampoline and start jumping in their set position.

The player on the ground will throw the soft ball in the air between the players who are jumping on trampoline. The players will try to catch the ball in hand and return it to the player on ground. The players who stop jumping during the game are out. In addition, the player who fail to catch or drop the catch is also out. The last player remain on jumping mat will win the game.

#3. Don't Wake The Baby

This game is quite simple, one player becomes baby and lays down on the trampoline. All other players are on the ground and off the trampoline. The player will cover his/her eyes with arms to pretend as if s/he is sleeping. The remaining players will one by one enter the trampoline and tag the baby player.

Thereafter the baby player will guess the tagger's name without looking. If the baby player can guess the tagger's name correctly then the tagger will become baby player for the next game.

The trampoline games mentioned above are the top 3 most popular and most loved games by the children. But this is not the end, there are many more trampoline games which you can play with your friends. Those games names are Pop The Popcorn (also known as Crack The Egg), Knock Down Chicken, Jump The Barrel, Crazy Counting, One Two Three, Sit and Follow The Leader. So, you should play the trampoline game you like to play with your friends, cousins and classmates.